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How Walkio works:

Create profile

Create your personal service page with photo, bio, and list the services that you offer. Choose the pets you want to watch, and standout with pet and home experiences you've had to find the best fit jobs.

Find jobs

Receive notifications when jobs are posted and interviews are requested. Build a customer base with Walkio's priority care, allowing customers to request you for future services. Work when and where you want utilizing Walkio's availability calendar.

Earn Income

Customers pay through the site and Walkio pays you electronically at the end of each service. Walkio provides insurance coverage, advertising, and service support to help you reach your goals.

About Walkio

Walkio is a web based service that connects pet owners to pet sitters and dog walkers. Walkio screens pet sitters and dog walkers, provides notifications to reduce confusion, provides customer support, and allows pets to travel or stay in their natural home environment. Walkio also provides insurance, handles payments, and provides a communication feature so our pet sitters and dog walkers can do what they love - spend time with animals!







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