Frequently Asked Questions


A Meet and Greet is a way to get introduced to a walker before committing to a full appointment with them. This is to introduce a walker to you and your pet(s) before giving them free reign over access to your home. This also gives you a chance to describe any specific needs your pet has in greater detail.
Right now, you can create as many Meet and Greets as you want! Every Meet and Greet is free of charge; if you don't like a walker or want to meet another, don't hesitate from creating another Meet and Greet.


Currently, there are three different kinds of appointment types:

  • Scheduled,
  • Instant, and
  • Recurring.

If you're going out of town for the weekend and need one-off service, we recommend creating 3 Scheduled appointments each day you're gone.

If you want someone to check-in and care for your dog while you're at work, we recommend using our Recurring service. These appointments will recreate themselves weekly until you choose to cancel them. This will give you a discounted rate since you'll be using our service with greater regularity.

If you need someone to quickly check in on your pet, use the Instant appointment. This will alert our walkers that you need immediate service and we will work to get your appointment filled.

The duration should depend on the behavior of your pet: The better behaved your pet is, the shorter duration they will need. If they are a bit more high maintainence, they will need a greater duration for the walker to take proper care of them. When in doubt, schedule for a mark longer than you think you should.

Maybe. There are many things that determine if an appointment will be filled. Distance away is a large factor. We are still small operation and have walkers mainly in Central Nashville, so we cannot guarantee service for all locations.


At Walkio, you're charged after the service has been rendered. This assures you aren't charged until you've recieved superb service. The walker will notify us when they have completed the appointment and we will proceed with the payment process.

First, you should assure you have sufficient funds in the account linked to your account with us. You may use another payment method if you choose: the previous method will be discarded.

Once the payment method has been secured, you may click the link supplied in the email. This will retry the payment immediately. Alternatively, you may wait until we automatically retry the payment. We auto retry payments every three days.

Incorrectly charging a customer is something we take very seriously. If you for any reason believe you have been incorrectly charged, contact us immediately. We will quickly track down and resolve your issue as soon as we can.


At Walkio, we require a lot of information to perform our services in the most convenient manner. You can be assured that access to your location information is locked down. Your location information can only be accessed by you, a walker that has claimed a walk offered by you, or our support staff (of four people). We use an encrypted client-side authentication cookie and server-side session tracking with CSRF (Cross-Site Request Forgery) protection to assure that people accessing your location information are exactly who they say they are.

We use Stripe, a popular e-commerce service trusted by uncountable numbers of internet services, as our payment processor. The benefit to this is that your billing information never touches our server. Therefore, no one at Walkio can know your financial details (we honestly shouldn't need to).

Stripe gives us a token that represents your billing information, but cannot be used to discover your card number, expiration date, or CVC. Warning: Walkio support staff or employees will never ask for your complete card number, expiration date, or CVC. If someone contacts you claiming to be from Walkio asking for this information, DO NOT GIVE IT TO THEM. If, for some reason, there is a problem with your billing information, go to this page to update your information.