Krista Carpenter

Walker Verified

Hello! I'm a married professional living in West Hollywood. I adore animals with all my heart and can think of nothing greater than getting to walk dogs, play with them, cuddle with cats, and giving them the attention they deserve. I know what it's like to go on holiday and leave our baby (cat) Charlie behind. I'm also an avid walker/runner so am more than up for some good exercise or long walks if preferred! I am currently working as an independent consultant as I reconnect with Los Angeles after 3 years working in Australia for the Department of Culture and the Arts of Western Australia. Prior to working in Australia, I was a development the executive in Los Angeles. In my early Los Angeles years, I was a nanny, swim teacher for 11 years, babysitter, and personal assistant and worked for the same family for 5 years. I grew up in Indiana with many dogs (mostly Huskies and Samoyeds) and currently have a cat Charlie that moved into our apartment 11 years ago and became a member of the family. Just before I moved to Australia, I rescued a gorgeous cat that had some health issues and helped nurse him back to health and found him a home. He's now the king of a 3-story condo in Redondo!